Thursday, June 9, 2011

Importance of Outdoor Game

These outdoor games have great value. Our brain is worked for a long time. If we play in the afternoon, we inhale fresh air and feel refreshed. Our body is also exercised. Thus our health is improved. These games help us to form our character too. They help in developing our personality. We learn many things from these games. We have to form a team to play the games. We learn the value of co­operation and unity. We have to obey the orders of the captain. Thus we learn obedience, discipline and order. We become generous and imbibe fellow-feeling. Outdoor games save us from evil temptations and guide us to walk in the path of virtue and duty.
                                          The Western games are costly. Indian games are not so. But in towns Western games are mostly played. In villages, native games are generally played. .

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  1. Hey it is true, along with this i would suggest to play in evenings as it enhances your energy level.
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